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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2012 and my new blog.

I have an older blog: meflickcricutandmore.blogspot.com that I had previously put information and cutting files out on.  I had not kept it up regularly for a variety of reasons.  One being that it had the "cricut" name in it and since I also use other software with my electronic die cutters, I didn't want to get in trouble using their product name.  This was especially key since I mainly now only use 3rd party products with ALL of my cutters! Unfortunately, you cannot simply "rename" your blog it would appear so I decided to start a new one without that as part of its name so I felt better about sharing my files and other information!

However, you can "export" your blog information and then "import" it into a new blog which is what I will be doing here for a little while.  Instead of simply "importing" it all at once, I plan to "review" the old information and "import" some of it a little at a time.   Some of it will probably no longer be relevant though so I will leave it out of this new blog.  Once I have it all taken care of, I will decide whether to leave my old blog up or delete it completely.

So, for a while, I will be adding "older" files to this new blog but also hope to add new stuff as well.  If your a new viewer, it will all be new to you.  If you are a previous follower, thanks for hopping over here to my new blog and I will try to provide you new stuff too as I "transition".  Although I don't "demand" comments, they are great to have!  I have had some files download thousands of times and seldom get any comments.  Comments and feedback is what makes people want to keep on "giving"!
Thanks for stopping by!

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