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Friday, June 15, 2012

Dragonfly Stencil Edge Card (MTC & SVG files available)

Here's another "Stencil Edge" card that I made with my Make the Cut software.  They are really fairly simple to do once you understand the overall concept.  Fun and addicting too!  Again, I found the free dragonfly by doing a google search for images and made some tweaks to it before converting it and adding it to a card base.  Made this card in honor of my sister Melissa and my niece Jessica. They know why! I tend to prefer larger cards so mine are usually 5" x 7" but they can easily be resized as desired. If you missed my first 3 stencil cards go back to my post 2 back to see more of these or go to the MTC forums to find more.  Search for "Webinar Homework" on the forum.

The above is a screen capture of my image from MTC but I have test cut he file and checked the download links so everything should work fine. Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great weekend.

Download the Dragonfly Stencil MTC card here.

Download the Dragonfly Stencil SVG card here.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Manly Card - Vest for Dad - .svg and .mtc files

******Another timely, but old post from my old blog.  A vest card for that last minute Father's Day card you might need to make! (I actually meant to repost this in time for Father's Day cards but forgot about it until now.  Don't forget Father's Day is this Sunday, just 4 days away!!!!**********

Hello. I was looking back through my huge stack of "ideas" and ran across a project that I had been working on a while back.  I decided to finish it up and put it out here to share with the blogging world.  I found the original pattern in a February 2008 edition of Paper Crafts magazine (page 60) entitled Vest Card. You can find the magazine's website at  http://www.papercraftsmag.com/index.html. (Unfortunately, the website no longer goes back to that edition!)  The article notes that the design was courtesy of Tinkering Ink & Mainly Stamps.  I believe Tinkering Ink's website address is: http://www.tinkeringink.com/ (but I didn't find anything there related to this Vest Card.)  I have seen other "vest" cards in the past, but this is where I got my pattern from.

First, I copied and cut out the pattern provided in the magazine.  I then enlarged it and scanned it to make my cutting file(s).

There really aren't any "directions" to provide. Once you cut out the card from a patterned cardstock, you simply fold the card at the middle of the arm holes so that the points of the bottom of the vest line up.  The "flat" side of the vest (as opposed to the pointed side) is the outside overlapping flap.  The .svg file does not have the "pocket" and the "hankie".  I hand created those and imported them directly into MTC from the scanner.  Glue the "hankie" to the backside of the "pocket" and then glue the pocket onto the front left side of the Vest.  You can then create "buttons" or add real buttons to the right front side of the Vest.  I created buttons with a small hole punch and glued them onto the card front. Then used a marker to make button holes.

Note these original downloads are from my 4shared account.  4shared now requires a free membership to download from their site.  So feel free to download from there if you have an account. If no 4shared account then see download option below.

4Shared Account Users - You can download the Vest Card .svg file here. You can download the Vest Card .mtc file here.  The MTC file is sized correctly and has the pocket and the hankie cuts as well. As always, let me know if you have any problems with any of my files and I would love to see what you create with any of them!  Thanks for stopping by. (Note these original downloads are from my 4shared account.  4shared now requires a free membership to download from their site.  So feel free to download from there if you have an account.)

No 4shared Account? If you do not have a 4shared account and don't wish to create one, I have reloaded these files to my public dropbox account and you can download them from there here. Note: You may need to do a right click and save, save as, save target as in order to save the files to your computer depending upon what browser you are using.  I have tested the files and the links and all appear to be working correctly.

Download the Vest Card .svg file here or download the Vest Card .mtc file here.

As always, thanks for stopping by.  I hope to have some other new files and pics posted for some neat projects in the next few days so be sure to stop back by!  Don't forget to show me what you create!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stencil Edge Cards - both MTC and SVG files available

Hello. Just wanted to share some new cards that I made in the past few days.  They are "stencil edge" cards or in one case, just a stencil card.  Several of this style card had been shared on the MTC forum in the past few weeks and some people wanted to have it shown in a MTC Webinar how you would make them.  So Bryan showed several ways to do them in a MTC Webinar on 6/5/12.  I gather he did a followup on them again last night on the 6/12/12 Webinar (haven't seen that yet.  Will review when he gets it posted). During the 6/5/12 Webinar, Bryan had assigned homework for people to create their own versions of these cards and to then share pictures of them on the MTC forum. Pictures of many of the ones people have created have been shared in this thread on the MTC forum: http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/25151/webinar-homework#latest.  (There are a few others scattered about in other threads(search the forum for stencil card) but this gets you to the bulk of them).

Julie from MTC_Tuts Yaho group also wrote a tutorial on using MTC to create a card like this.  You can find more information about the tutorial and where to find it by checking this thread on the MTC forum: http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/25163/make-a-card-withastencil-edge-design-tutorial#latest

As a result, I decided to give a hand at trying them myself.  Some of the ideas I had considered making others had already done and I didn't want to recreate a similar card. So I looked for images that I had not yet seen done.   I choose an ice cream cone and a lighthouse.  While I was looking for free stencils that would work for this style of card, I ran across a sailboat that I really liked but didn't think was suited for putting on the edge of the card.  As a result, I chose to simply put it on the front of the card.  The pictures show the sample cards that I cut out to test my files.  The ice cream cone also contains a "print and cut" colored ice cream cone that I used behind my "stenciled" emage to add a pop of color to it.  This can also be "split" and the pieces used to create a paper piecing of an ice cream cone.  All cards have an insert to cut for the inside.  I think they would look great using vellum too.  Finally, the sailboat card also has a "stitching line" that I used to create  a stitched look with a marker on one of my cutters.  I think I will use the ice cream cone card either as a birthday or a simple "hello" card.  The lighthouse and sailboat may get used for father's day cards for my DH and my FIL.  Sadly my father is passed away so I cannot share one of my cards with him! If I don't use them for Father's day they could be used for several other things as well don't you think!

I created my original files in MTC but have exported them out into SVG for use by others with different software. I hope that you like them and would like to see what you do with the file(s).

The files are loaded into my public folder in my dropbox account.  You may find it necessary to do a right click and "save as" or "save target as" to save to your computer.

Download the Ice Cream Cone Stencil Edge Card MTC file here.

Download the Ice Cream Cone Stencil Edge Card SVG file here.

Download the Lighthouse Stencil Edge Card MTC file here.

Download the Lighthouse Stencil Edge Card SVG file here.

Download the Sailboat Stencil Card MTC file here.

Download the Sailboat Stencil Card SVG file here.

As always, Thanks for stopping by.  Please let me know if you use one of my files to create something.  I would love to see a picture or too!  I also have a few more things that I have been working on recently that I hope to find time to take photos of and to share soon here on my blog.  Some of them will have files to share as well so be sure to pop back in soon!

EDITED TO ADD:  You can see a birthday card made for SusanBluerobot with my Lighthouse card on Tracy's blog here: http://traceyfarr.blogspot.com/2012/06/another-stencil-card-for-susan.html?showComment=1343081980251#c6827046814225669317!  Thanks for coming and sharing your link with me Tracey so I could see your card you made for Susan!