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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello.  Just a a quick post to share a quick card I made with my new laser printer and foil I recently purchased. The foil was purchased from Sherri at That's Scraps, Inc.  In order for this to work, you must use a laser printer (inkjet printers WILL NOT work) - thus the new laser printer! : )  Then to apply the foil, you need a foiling machine (Sherri sells those too) or, if you are lucky like me, you might have a laminator that has a "foil" mode like I did!  I've had the laminator for YEARS and didn't recall the foil mode being on it until I happened to glance at it one day and said HEY it says "foil" on one of the modes!  : )

I had seen the foiling on the Black Cat Forums several people were doing, but had stayed away because I would have had to buy BOTH the laser printer and the foiling machine.  BUT, once I realized that I already had a machine to apply the foil (hopefully) and I only needed a laser printer, that changed the equation just enough! (It also helped that I thought my all in one inkjet was starting on its last legs!)

I found an HP Laserjet 100 color MFP nw for a great price at Office Depot with free shipping that had my name on it! : )  I also purchased one roll of foil from Sherri so I could "test" the foiling with the laminator.  She has several colors to choose from and I wasn't sure what color to get.  I ended up buying bronze color for some reason! Then wasn't sure what to use such a "fancy" color for!

I found this flourish frame and added my first initial to it and then printed it out in black on my LaserJet printer.  Then I cut off enough foil to cover the printed area, laid it on top of my printed piece, placed it inside the laminating protective pouch, and ran it through the laminator on the "foil" mode and "Volia!"  It's that easy!  Now I've got to get online and order some more foil! : )

Foiling is a great idea for lots of things especially if you wanted to make wedding cards, invitations, favors, etc. You can use for most any idea you can think of where you want to add a little glitz to your project.  Your only limitation is it has to fit through your laminator or foiling machine.  Which means, Sherri may still yet see a Foiling Machine order from me yet as my laminator is limited to 8 1/2" wide!

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