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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Disney Album Cover - Engraving with My Cougar

One of the reasons I got an 18" Cougar from That's Scraps, (the North American Dealer; see Dawn at Thyme Graphics regarding international orders) is so that I could do many more really cute things that I couldn't do with my original smaller machine like engraving and embossing as well as much larger items and some awesome print and cuts or using free graphic images and fonts from the internet or things I create myself from scratch. I didn't want to be limited by someone else's imagination! The problem though has been first, "time" and second, "bravery". LOL Now, I know many of you can relate to that statement. How many of you get some really cool new tool and then it sits there and you look at it for days, weeks or even months before FINALLY pulling it out of its box and turning it on?! Well, I'm not that bad, I do usually pull it out of the box immediately and then get it all set up but then stare at it for a while! LOL

Actually, I had had my Cougar out of the box for many months and had used it for quite a bit of regular cutting and it cuts really great. (It is easily setup out of the box but it does take some getting use to how to load and where it will cut, etc. especially if coming from the land of Cricuts). However, I hadn't been brave enough to try the engraving on plastics and metal, or the embossing. A lot of the time - my excuse was I didn't have enough time to devote to figuring it all out. However, I finally decided to give it a try and I must say once I started the engraving I thought, "Wow, that was EASY!" and wondered why I had waited so long! I Still have some other tools to try as well as some really neat crafting supplies that I just bought from Tyler over at his
online store "All that Jazz". He has some neat textured papers that look like animal skins and other things, velvet paper, thin and thicker sheets of acrylics, metal, and so much more. Now, just to get brave and try some of that as well! LOL

Anyway, here's the project that I wanted you to see. I had found a couple of sets of 6"x6" Clear Acrylic Covers by Zutter for use in the Bind It All marked down to $1.79 at HL the other day and figured that was a great, inexpensive way to give my engraving tool and my Cougar a try! I decided to create a mini album for a Disney Trip. I have some free Disney Fonts and dingbats I found by googling for free Disney Fonts and used them to engrave the cover of my album.

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  1. Very cute Disney graphic. Reminds me of home. I use to live in Orlando and moved to Michigan a year ago. I use to say Disney was my backyard. Well... me and about a thousand other people. LOL!
    Andy B.