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All files and information shared here is for your personal use only. Please contact me if you wish to use any items commercially, for blog contests, or to submit for magazine publication. Thank you.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

When looking for the football outline for the T-shirt to share, I ran across this football shaped card that I had also made last Fall but had never shared the cut file for.  I originally made the card to give to my son to celebrate scoring his first Varsity Touchdown!  He is just a freshman so that was a really big deal!  PLUS, it was even bigger because neither myself nor my husband was there to see it!  : (  In our defense, our school has to travel alot for our games and both DD and DS had games that night (she plays Volleyball).  He was 2-3 hours away and she was at home.  As a Freshman, he indicated that he probably would not get into that game so no need for one of us to come!  Alas, not true!!  We were winning by a good margin already and they put him in towards the end of the game and he scored!  I was so happy and yet so sad!  I did get to see it on the "Web" as we broadcast our games that way!  Anyway, I knew I needed to make him a card to celebrate and let him know we were sorry we missed it and we proud of his hard work and effort that gave him the opportunity to play.

There are several layers to the card.  There is a black base and then there are two white layers in the file.  I think I just went with the one with the 3 pieces cut rather than the solid white base.  I used the swiss dots embossing folder to add the texture and then used some ink to "rough" it up and make it look like a well used football.

You can download the  .mtc (Make the Cut) Football Shaped Card here.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Football Shirt Design

I had previously shared a picture of this football shirt that I made but realized that I had never shared the file when someone recently asked on the MTC forum for a "football outline" for making shirts and I was going to point them to my blog to get this one and when I came to get the link realized that I had not yet shared the file!  So, even though its not presently football season, I wanted to get this file up so I could share it with that person looking for one! There are two layers, a white layer and then a dark green layer that goes on top.

Please note.  It has my children's school logo in the middle (we are Spartans) - just delete and replace with logo of your choice. It is also "mirrored" already for cutting with HTV and placement onto a T-shirt.  If you don't need to cut and mirror just flip or unmirror it.

You can download the Football Outline for T-shirt here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crab, Palm Trees, Waves, and Umbrella for the Beach

Hey everybody.  Been extremely busy and hadn't gotten back recently to share any files that I have created but not shared (no time to create right now it seems either!). I happened to run across this file while "cleaning up" and remembered that I had never shared the file.  Looks like I made it a while ago!  It was from a free pattern I had found. It contains two palm trees with coconuts, the crab and the umbrella.  The sun is simply a small circle and the sand is torn kraft paper that I used the swiss dots embossing folder on and inked the edges and the "dots" to give it texture.  I used a "texture" ink pen on the wave tips.

You can download the Make the Cut file from my 4shared account here. (I use 4shared as it is free and easy to deal with).  Download the Crab, Palm Trees, Umbrella File here.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bunny Card With Files to Share

Continuing with another old post from my old blog. I liked the bunny card I posted yesterday so much that I REALLY wanted to share it with people.  SO, I decided to create my own bunny card using basic shapes in my Make The Cut Software.  Although this file was inspired by the previous Bunny Card that I shared yesterday from a pattern in the Spring, 2011 edition of Paper Creations magazine (Issue 28) designed by Maricel Fabi, this one I created from basic shapes in MTC.  Isn't it amazing what you can do by welding a few circles, ovals, triangles, etc. together!  If you look closely, you can see that difference in my bunny's ears, the paws, the nose, the vest, and his overall basic shape.

So, if you thought, "shoot, I would have really liked to have had that pattern" yesterday - now you can have one almost like it but one that I feel comfortable sharing here.  I have included in the Make The Cut file both a welded shape for the card joined and folded at the ears as well as a single bunny shape for use on other projects. There are two files for svg users.  One is for the card its self and the "accessory" parts.  There is a second one for the single bunny shape with paws and feet only. Thanks to Maricel for her inspiration.

I used the "swiss dots" embossing folder to emboss the inner ears on this one.  I didn't add "buttons" to the vest, I created a vest with the "buttons" cut out.(My file contains both vests, one with the circles cut out and one plain.) I pop dotted the nose and the paw holding the flower.  My sample card appears to have his left arm (paw)  "bent" behind him but there is an extra arm to add on that side if desired. This card used 15mm goggle eyes with lashes.  Yesterday's card the eyes were 10mm.  I had previously tried 10mm size with lashes when I made my first one but didn't like it for some reason.  I do think with the larger eyes it works.

Please let me know if you enjoyed my file and let me see what you do with it.  I also think he would be cute made into a "she" bunny (add some lace to the bottom of the vest and make a dress and add a bow to an ear) or holding an Easter Egg or an Easter Basket.  Just use your imagination!

You can Download my Make the Cut file of the Bunny Card here.

You can Download a SVG file of the Bunny Card here.

You can Download a SVG file of just the single Bunny Shape here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Bunny Card

Continuing on with old posts from my old blog.  I needed to show you this one before I share a file I created to be similar to this one tomorrow! This card is from  the Spring, 2011, Issue 28 of the Paper Creations magazine.  In the magazine, on page 22 there was an article entitled, "Bunny Card" which was designed by Maricel Fabi.  It was this really cute Bunny Card for which they provided a pattern pullout to trace and cut by hand. Now, anybody who knows me knows that I HATE to cut with scissors.  (I think this is because I am left handed and, when I was little, all scissors were made for right handed people.  It wasn't until "modern times" that they made left handed scissors or ones that didn't matter which hand you used!  LOL  You won't understand what a problem this is UNLESS you are left handed OR you are right handed and have tried to cut using left handed scissors!!  LOL)  This is what I got my electronic die cut machine and my Make The Cut software for!!!!

The pattern for the full card was too big to lay out on my regular size all-in-one printer with flatbed scanner so I simply scanned in 1/2 of the card.  I then copied the image, flipped it, moved it to overlap properly, and welded the two pieces together to make my card base.  I then scanned in or created the extra pieces and parts like the vest, the bowtie, and the nose.  Their pattern didn't include the flower and stem so I created those along with extra arms and legs in case I wanted to pop those areas and add extra dimension.

Then I cut out the card using my electronic die cut machine and made a cute Spring Bunny Card to send to someone in my family!!  Now, I can easily create as many of these bunny cards that I want quickly and easily (and it doesn't matter what kind of scissors I have!  LOL) Well, I couldn't stop there.  I thought hmmmmmm. . . . . . I'm not sure I like the card folding in 1/2 at his feet, so I then recreated the file so that he was welded together at the top at his ears.  I think I like that better as it opens the way most people expect a card to open.  But now, within just a few minutes of my time, I have two card bases from which I can choose!  THEN I thought, well, he might be cute on a regular card base so I made him a single image that I can now make any size I want and add to other cards.

This is the "Print and Cut" Bunny
Then I thought - well hmmmmmmm. . . . . . . I think he would be really cute if I made him into a "Print and Cut" file - I bet that I could do that really easy.  So I created a pink polka dot texture that I added to the "inner ear" parts I had created and a multi-colored striped texture that I added to his vest.  I found paper I had in my stash to get these "textures" from and scanned them into my computer and made texture files from them.  I then created a "full bow tie" with basic shapes and added a purple color to it.  I then made his body gray and added his mouth and his eyes to my MTC file so that they would "print".  I then printed the bunny out on my printer (I also added separate feet and hands to "pop" dot to give it some added dimension) and then cut him and the extra pieces with my Cougar (I could also have cut him with my Expression but the Cougar was the one plugged in!).  I then used Marker to ink the edges to give it some more dimension and chalked his cheeks.  Otherwise, its all printed!  IF I had a bigger printer (One that would print 12x12 say) I could have printed him out as a card.  Since I just have a regular 8 1/2 x 11 printer I printed just the single bunny.  HOWEVER, he could be glued on to the top of a card base.  He can also be resized easily.

Since the file I created was from a pattern in a magazine, I can't share it with you here even though I would like to.  HOWEVER,  I wanted to share all of this information with you to show you what YOU can do with a pattern, your die cut machine, your printer  and scanner and Make The Cut software and a little imagination!  Just IMAGINE!!! LOL

As always, thanks for stopping by.  Please let me know if you have any questions on how I did any of this or if I can help you out with anything. You can checkout the magazine's website here: http://www.papercreationsmag.com/. There you can see some of what is in their current issue, back issues and free projects and ideas.  I am not affiliated with the magazine at all but like to give full contact information when I use something from a source.  Thanks.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Basic Bunny Shape - Make the Cut or SVG File to Share

Yet another old file from my old blog. I found this basic bunny shape when I googled for free bunny clipart and decided to make it into a simple cut file.  I am providing it both in the Make The Cut (.mtc) as well as an SVG file format. I hope someone can find some use for it.  Would love to see whatever you might do with it.  Thanks for stopping by!

Download the Make The Cut Bunny File here.

Download the SVG Bunny File here.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bunny With Egg - Make the Cut and SVG Files Available

Another old file from my other blog.  I did several bunnies last year.  When I went searching for free bunny clip art I obviously found a couple of cute ones that I thought would make quick and easy cut files to share.

I thought this bunny was too cute!  I have cut the base out of a light blue and then cut the body pieces out of white, the eyes and mouth and nose line out of black and his nose out of pink.  I then cut the egg decorations out of a darker royal blue.  Once I had him put together, I chalked him a little with a light blue chalk on the edges and a little pink on his cheeks.  Depending on the size you wanted to cut, you might have some pretty small pieces.  If they are too small, just skip trying to get those glued down. The file is about 3 1/2" W x 4" H.

I hope some of you can find some cute uses for him.  Please let me see what you do with him.  He could also easily be made into a shaped card if you desired.  Just size all the pieces together to the size that you want the card then copy and flip the base shadow and weld those two base pieces together to form a card.

As always - thanks for stopping by.

Download the Make The Cut Bunny with Egg file here.

Download the SVG Bunny with Egg file here.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another Bunny - Make the Cut and SVG Files Available

To continue on the bunny theme (I had a whole week of them posted on my old blog!)

This is another free coloring page that I found online.

You can download the Make the Cut Bunny File here.

You can download the SVG Bunny File here.

He would also make a cute print and cut.

Nelda from the MTC Forums took this file and made it into a cute bookmark holder with ribbon "ears".  You can see her project here:


As always, thanks for stopping by.  If you make something with this file I would love to see it.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pile of Easter Eggs (Make the Cut and SVG files available)

This too is another post from my old blog. Thought that all of the bunnies that I did needed some Easter Eggs to go with them! I found this pile on a free coloring book page on on-line and converted them into cut files for our use. The Make the Cut (MTC) file contains the pile of eggs as shown here.  Then it has a page with the pile of separate eggs on it (not the little pieces just the base eggs) and then a third page with a single egg on it.  The SVG file just has the pile of eggs.  You will need to break the svg file into its separate pieces once imported into the software of your choice.

Might also work great as a print and cut file.  You could quickly make a large pile of different color Easter eggs to use on a layout or a card.

I just did some quick chalking of the edges once I had it all glued down to give it some added depth and demension. (I always forget to chalk, ink, texture, etc. when putting my prototypes together!!)  More texture and dimension could be added by using embossing tools of your choice. Please feel free to leave a comment below.  Would love to see what you do with the file.  As always, thanks for stopping by.

Download the Pile of Easter Eggs Make the Cut file here.

Download the Pile of Easter Eggs SVG file here.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Baby Chick Cracking through Egg - MTC and SVG Files Available

Another old post from my old blog.  (Trying to get all the ones with SVG files shared here on the new blog as they are the ones that I think people will continue to desire!)

Here is a baby chick or duck cracking through his egg.  I originally created the cutting file from a free coloring book page I found on-line. I am sharing both the Make the Cut (MTC) and SVG Files here for you.  I originally created the file in Make the Cut (MTC) and then exported it out as a SVG file.  I did not break the SVG file into its separate pieces and parts.  As a result, you will need to "break" the image into its parts and pieces when importing it to separate it out for its different colors. There are 6 layers to it. I would love to see what you do with the file.  Thanks for stopping by. I would love to see what you do with this, or any of my files.

Download the Baby Chick cracking through his egg Make the Cut file here.

Download the Baby Chick cracking through his egg SVG file here.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bunny Painting Eggs (MTC and SVG files available)

Good morning.  This is an old post from my old blog as well. Here is another bunny with her paint bucket and some Easter eggs.  I originally found this bunny as a free online coloring page.  However, this one had several open lines, and double cuts, and other issues when trying to convert it so, at that time, I had to take it into Inkscape and do some node editing and clean-up in order to create a cut file from it.  (With the latest version of Make the Cut, I could now do the node editing and stuff directly in MTC without the need for Inkscape!)

 I cut it fairly small, about 3 1/2" high by 2 1/2" wide.  That small, some of the little pieces are extremely tiny (tongue, brush handle, flowers, ribbon, etc) and difficult to work with and may not cut well at all depending on your cutter.  I would suggest a larger size if you hate working with teeny tiny pieces especially if your cutter doesn't cut well. I put googly eyes on this one and simply chalked the edges for some dimension.

She would also probably be great to do as a Print and Cut!  May have to go back and give that a try and see how she looks.

Interestingly, I find that this is what I enjoy doing the most - the challenge of creating the cut file from something - figuring out HOW to make it work so that it can cut.

If you are interested in having this file to add to your collection feel free to download it below!

Download the Bunny with Paint Bucket Make the Cut (MTC) file here.

Download the Bunny with Paint Bucket SVG file here.

As always - let me see if you actually do something with my file!  Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rheba's Bunny - .svg file

Another old post from my old blog. This is a bunny that my friend Rheba brought to me and ask if I could recreate. So here is Rheba's bunny. He has a black "base" and then the white "parts". I left the face to be handrawn (or use some stamps from Peachy Keen!!) He came from a scrap piece of paper that Rheba had. Download Rheba's Bunny in .svg format here.

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