Welcome to my New Blog. This blog is for sharing my crafting ideas and my cutting files that I create primarily using the Make the Cut Software and my electronic cutters which include my 18" Black Cat Cougar, a Silhouette SD, and an original Expression.

All files and information shared here is for your personal use only. Please contact me if you wish to use any items commercially, for blog contests, or to submit for magazine publication. Thank you.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baseball Mom - Make the Cut and SVG Files available

Well, since I got my baseball file ready I've been trying to come up with my T-shirt design.  The obvious one is  "MOM" with the baseball serving as the "O" in Mom.  I've tried a couple of different configurations.  Since our school is Spartans, I tried a Spartan head in the middle of the baseball.  Problem is, to get it small enough you lose the teeny tiny little pieces of the helmet and I didn't like that.  Then I tried the player's number on the baseball.

I wanted to share my Make the Cut and SVG files for the "Baseball Mom."  I am going to post only the file without a number added.  However, I am showing it to you both with and without the number added to the file.  It is very simple to add your number to the baseball if you want it there.  I used the font "Freshman" that I have on my computer.  It is an athletic style block lettering that I use a lot for sports stuff.  This is also what I used for the Ms in "MOM". In Make the Cut, go to your Text tab, select the Font you wish to use and then click the add Text Buton to to add your text.  Once it is on your mat, resize as needed and place where you desire.  I would suggest keeping it on its own layer if cutting it separately.  However, if you want it to "cut out" of the white part of the middle of the ball, you would "join" the number to that part. I plan to use mine with Heat Set Vinyl to make a T-shirt for me to wear to games. 

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer them as quickly as possible but know that I am not always able to check the blog everyday so it may be several days before I answer.  Thanks for stopping by.

Download the Baseball MOM Make the Cut file here.

Download the Baseball MOM SVG file here.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baseball - Make the Cut and SVG Files Available

Spring is arriving shortly which means my DS has moved on to baseball.  With that thought in mind, I knew that I needed to create some baseball items to make myself some T-shirts to wear to the school baseball games.  Obviously, the main thing a girl needs is the baseball its self.  I found this free baseball clipart at http://www.iloveclipart.com/ and converted it into a cut file for use with Make the Cut.  I then exported it out from my Make the Cut file and saved it to an .svg file to share for those who have not yet moved to Make the Cut. 

The file has 2 parts.  The first part really has 3 pieces - this would be the "white" portions of the baseball with the "seams" cut away.  The second part is the red for the seams.  Cut out the red circle then ovelay the 3 white pieces on top of the red to show the red "seams".  It is probably easiest to do this by using transfer tape of some kind to transfer the white pieces off your mat and to lay it on top of the red.  I did it this way because  I think it is easier to cut it this way then to try and cut those little red seams.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns with this or any other of my files.  I always test cut everything before I share so you shouldn't have any problems. I'd love to see anything you create with one of my files.  As always, thanks for stopping by.

Download the Baseball Make the Cut file here.

Download the Baseball SVG file here.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Basketball - Make the Cut and SVG files available

March Madness will be here before we know it.  Many students are playing school and/or club or league basketball.  My son chose not to try out for the school team this year but is playing in a rec league while he gets ready for school baseball. So I  thought I'd re-share this basketball file I created from some simple and free clipart that I found online.  I have both the Make the Cut and SVG files to share.  Thanks for stopping by.  Let me see what you do with this, or any of my files.

I was thinking that you could use the swiss dots embossing folder to add the "texture" on a basketball.

Download the Make the Cut basketball file here.

Download the SVG basketball file here.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tennis Ball - Make the Cut and SVG files Available

While I was on a "sports roll" I thought I'd throw out a simple tennis ball file. Neither of my children play tennis anymore but I play a little. Plus, a friend of mine's daughter plays and I thought she might like the file. It's simply the circle with the "lines". Again, this was taken from free clipart.

Download the Make the Cut tennis ball file here.

Download the SVG tennis ball file here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Silhouette Volleyball Player getting a Dig - Make the Cut and SVG files

Staying with my volleyball.  Here is a file of a VB player getting that all important "Dig" on the court.  My DD plays Libero on her school and club team so this is a move I often see her making!  LOL  She has lots of bruises and scabs from digging that ball!  Good thing she loves playing.  LOL This file too was a free clipart file I found and converted to a Make the Cut and then SVG files.  Would love to see anything that you do with this or any of my other files.  As always, thanks for stopping by.  Let me know if there is anything you need help with converting.  Would be happy to help if I can.  Just leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Have a great week.

Download the Make the Cut Volleyball Player getting the Dig file here.

Download the SVG Volleyball Player getting the Dig file here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Volleyball Window Cling and Volleyball .svg and .mtc files

Original Window Cling

Using DS and Sports Mania Cart
I had previously shared the window clings I had made with vinyl for My DD for Volleyball and my DS for football.  I originally made them and shared them using a cartridge file. Then  I had several  inquires looking for the Volleyball cut file from people who did not have either a Cricut and/or Design Studio or a Gypsy.  Since the volleyball I originally used was a copyrighted file from the Sports Mania cartridge, I couldn't use it to quickly make another file type to share with you. Several said they had searched for an .svg file to use but had not had any success.  I too searched for one and didn't find one so I have created two new and different files using two basic shapes, a circle and a ( !

"Full" Volleyball

.mtc or .svg file available
One file is a full volleyball with all the lines and the other file is a "cling" or "decal" with a "blank" area on the ball to add the child's name and/or number, school name, etc.  You would need to cut it in vinyl to adhere to your car window.

I have also created Make the Cut (.mtc) files and then exported those out to .svg files for people with SCAL and/or other software or cutters.  So hopefully, there is something here that you can use.

Window Cling with Blank area
for personalization by you
.mtc or .svg file available
I hope that someone finds some use for these files.  As always, I appreciate any comments and especially those who take the file and actually do somethimg with it and then come back and let me know so I can come take a look! Those have been extremely rare but greatly appreciated!

You can see my original post showing the football and volleyball here.

Download the full Volleyball Make the Cut (.mtc) file. This is a complete ball with all lines in the middle.

Download the full Volleyball .svg file. This is a complete ball with all lines in the middle.

Download the Volleyball Window Cling for Make the Cut (.mtc) file. This ball has lines missing in the middle to add your child's name, number and/or school or club name, etc.

Download the Volleyball Window Cling .svg file. This ball has lines missing in the middle to add your child's name, number, and/or school or club name, etc.

As always, leave me a comment if you have questions, problems or simply want to say Thanks!   Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Disney Album Cover - Engraving with My Cougar

One of the reasons I got an 18" Cougar from That's Scraps, (the North American Dealer; see Dawn at Thyme Graphics regarding international orders) is so that I could do many more really cute things that I couldn't do with my original smaller machine like engraving and embossing as well as much larger items and some awesome print and cuts or using free graphic images and fonts from the internet or things I create myself from scratch. I didn't want to be limited by someone else's imagination! The problem though has been first, "time" and second, "bravery". LOL Now, I know many of you can relate to that statement. How many of you get some really cool new tool and then it sits there and you look at it for days, weeks or even months before FINALLY pulling it out of its box and turning it on?! Well, I'm not that bad, I do usually pull it out of the box immediately and then get it all set up but then stare at it for a while! LOL

Actually, I had had my Cougar out of the box for many months and had used it for quite a bit of regular cutting and it cuts really great. (It is easily setup out of the box but it does take some getting use to how to load and where it will cut, etc. especially if coming from the land of Cricuts). However, I hadn't been brave enough to try the engraving on plastics and metal, or the embossing. A lot of the time - my excuse was I didn't have enough time to devote to figuring it all out. However, I finally decided to give it a try and I must say once I started the engraving I thought, "Wow, that was EASY!" and wondered why I had waited so long! I Still have some other tools to try as well as some really neat crafting supplies that I just bought from Tyler over at his
online store "All that Jazz". He has some neat textured papers that look like animal skins and other things, velvet paper, thin and thicker sheets of acrylics, metal, and so much more. Now, just to get brave and try some of that as well! LOL

Anyway, here's the project that I wanted you to see. I had found a couple of sets of 6"x6" Clear Acrylic Covers by Zutter for use in the Bind It All marked down to $1.79 at HL the other day and figured that was a great, inexpensive way to give my engraving tool and my Cougar a try! I decided to create a mini album for a Disney Trip. I have some free Disney Fonts and dingbats I found by googling for free Disney Fonts and used them to engrave the cover of my album.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Praying Hands Silhouette

Here is a Praying Hands Silhouette that I had shared on my old blog. It is available for both MTC and SVG file users.

Download the Praying Hands MTC file here.

Download the Praying Hands SVG file here.

I hope someone can use the file. I would love to see what you do with it if you do. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Banana for Sock Monkey

Here is a Banana for the sock monkey.Wouldn't want him sitting around hungry! It has 3 layers to it.

You can download the banana in .svg format here.

Please let us see what you do with these files. It's so much fun to see someone actually put your work into a project! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sock Monkey

This file is one of a Sock Monkey. I found the image from a free coloring book page. I had previously shared him on my old blog so you may have him already, if not and you want it

You can download my sock monkey file for MTC here.

As always, this file is for personal use only. Please let me see what you do with this file if you do use it. Leave me a comment f you have any questions or problems with this or any of my other files.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Round Top Treat Box

Hello. This is another popular post from my old blog. The original PDF pattern for this "Round Top Box" was posted at the splitcoaststampers Website in their challenges forum by Lynn in St. Louis. You can find that thread by clicking here. Someone had seen it on another blog and asked for help in creating a cut file.

I am posting my version of the box and two creations that I made with it. I did a "bunny box" and then I did a Mickey Mouse box to show you that you could do other things with it besides create a "bunny treat holder". Due to the size of the file, it does require at least a 12x12 mat and thus a machine that can cut that size. The files only contain the Round Top Box its self.

There are links to other examples using this style box at the Splitcoaststampers link above.

Other ideas I had for this was items related to a baby, birthday, etc. Just haven't had time to get to those yet! Hope you can use my files. Don't forget to let me see what you do with them.

You can download the .svg file for the Round Top Treat Box here.

As always - please let me see what you might create with these files. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tom Cruise by paperkutz

If you have ever been on the MTC forums, you may have seen paperkutz share some celebrity "portraits" cut from layered paper. They are truly awesome works of art. Many people on that forum had asked for him to share his methodology and experience so they could learn how to do such projects (most want to do family members). I am happy to say that he finally found the time to sit down and work on sharing that information. He started a blog where he posted files to try and then tutorials on how he does it so we can all learn how to do it too! He shared a 6 layer cut file of Tom Cruise that he created to show us how it works. It is actually fairly easy to cut this file as it does not have many small intricate pieces and therefore goes together fairly easily. I didn't have the correct 6 colors of paper he recommended (you really can use 6 any monochromatic shades of any color) but thought it was a decent job for a novice. Here is the "portrait" I cut and assembled using paperkutz' file and instructions:

You can find out more about paperkutz and his technique and tutorials (and get this cut file of Tom) by visiting his blog here: http://paperkutzstudio.wordpress.com/ You can also see more of his great work there as well. Make sure to leave him a comment and let him know what you think of his work!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spartan Head

I recently saw some requests for a Spartan Logo. I have shared this one before. My children's school's mascot is the Spartans so it gets a lot of use around my house! I took one of their logos and converted it into a cut file. Hope someone else can get some use out of it.

Download the Spartan Head .mtc file here. Download the Spartan Head .svg file.

As always, I would love to see what you do with any of my files. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Totally Totebag

Back in the Fall of 2010, a friend asked me if I could create a file for cutting with our electronic cutters based on the "Totally Totebag" instructions and pattern posted on the Splitcoaststampers.com website by Leigh O'Brien. I did and shared it on my old blog. I'm sharing it again here in case you missed it back then! (It was also used last year on one of the MTC forums challenge threads!) You can find Leigh's directions and information on the Splitcoasterstamper's site here. You can also find it on Leigh's blog "Sunflowerstudio" along with more cute ideas and projects. The picture above only shows the "rough draft" of the totebag I cut and put together to make sure that it cut out and assembled properly. To see more (and prettier) photos of assembled projects check the splitcoasstampers site here. Thanks Leigh for sharing.

You can download my .mtc file for use with MTC here or you can download my .svg file for use with other software packages and your cutters.

The finished bag measures: heigh:t 2 3/4", width: 3 3/4", and the depth: 1 1/2". It is just right to use as a gift card holder or a little snack or small treat. Thanks for stopping by. Would love to see what you create with the file!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rain Boots - Make the Cut and SVG Files Available to Download

Here is another file I shared last year. It is a pair of cute rain boots. Great for a Winter or Spring card or layout! They would also be cute if you used a pattern paper like a lot of the rain boots people are wearing now. You could cut them out with a patterned paper or create your own "texture" in MTC.

There are several layers to this file. One is the base puddle that outlines all around the boots, then there is another top puddle layer that adds dimension to the puddle. You will want to cut each of those layers out in two different shades of blue. Then there is a shadow layer of the boots themselves that I cut out in black and the top layer of the boots with different pieces and parts to them. I choose to make them yellow! You can of course make your boots any color that you choose. Since there are several pieces and parts to them, you may want to consider using transfer tape of some kind to keep them all lined up and together properly for placement on the black shadow. You could do the same for the puddle pieces. This is one of the reasons I prefer to share the MTC files as oppose to the svg files. In MTC, you can see the layers in color but if I export it out to an SVG file all the layers are exported and then imported all in one color making it more difficult on the end user to know how the pieces and parts go together.

Hope someone can find a use for these boots. If you do, I would love to see what you did with them. As always, thanks for stopping by.

Download the Rain Boots and Puddle Make the Cut file here.

Download the Rain Boots and Puddle SVG file here.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello.  Just a a quick post to share a quick card I made with my new laser printer and foil I recently purchased. The foil was purchased from Sherri at That's Scraps, Inc.  In order for this to work, you must use a laser printer (inkjet printers WILL NOT work) - thus the new laser printer! : )  Then to apply the foil, you need a foiling machine (Sherri sells those too) or, if you are lucky like me, you might have a laminator that has a "foil" mode like I did!  I've had the laminator for YEARS and didn't recall the foil mode being on it until I happened to glance at it one day and said HEY it says "foil" on one of the modes!  : )

I had seen the foiling on the Black Cat Forums several people were doing, but had stayed away because I would have had to buy BOTH the laser printer and the foiling machine.  BUT, once I realized that I already had a machine to apply the foil (hopefully) and I only needed a laser printer, that changed the equation just enough! (It also helped that I thought my all in one inkjet was starting on its last legs!)

I found an HP Laserjet 100 color MFP nw for a great price at Office Depot with free shipping that had my name on it! : )  I also purchased one roll of foil from Sherri so I could "test" the foiling with the laminator.  She has several colors to choose from and I wasn't sure what color to get.  I ended up buying bronze color for some reason! Then wasn't sure what to use such a "fancy" color for!

I found this flourish frame and added my first initial to it and then printed it out in black on my LaserJet printer.  Then I cut off enough foil to cover the printed area, laid it on top of my printed piece, placed it inside the laminating protective pouch, and ran it through the laminator on the "foil" mode and "Volia!"  It's that easy!  Now I've got to get online and order some more foil! : )

Foiling is a great idea for lots of things especially if you wanted to make wedding cards, invitations, favors, etc. You can use for most any idea you can think of where you want to add a little glitz to your project.  Your only limitation is it has to fit through your laminator or foiling machine.  Which means, Sherri may still yet see a Foiling Machine order from me yet as my laminator is limited to 8 1/2" wide!

Flowers Anyone? - Flowerpot Pocket or Slider Card

I created these two files and shared them almost a year ago on my old blog. These are my own personal files I created from scratch using the Make the Cut (MTC) software. However, the general IDEA is not mine. I have seen diferent versions of these types of cards in a variety of places before. BUT, what I had not seen was one where the card its self could actually stand up so that it could be displayed to look like what it is, a pot of flowers. So, first I created the base card and then I modified the bottom of the base so that it could be "folded" so that it would "stand" up. I like it. I hope you do too. You can use it for a variety of sentiments, Get Well, Sympathy, Happy Birthday, etc. - anything where you might want to send someone some flowers!!

Both files will fit in a 5x7 envelope if you place your flowers properly!! Use as many flowers as you want. I have 3 on one card and 4 on the other. I added dimension to the circles with the swiss dots cuttlebug folder and inked the raised dots by swiping the ink pad across them gently.

You can put a piece of ribbon and a tag around your "pot" if you want, ink it, or decorate the pot its self- use your imagination.
To create the regular "flat" fowerpot card - fold the base or "pot" in the center of the pot so that it is equal on both sides. Then fold the tops down and score at 1" on each side to create the lip or the rim of the pot. You can adhere the lip or rim of the pot to the pot or not to hold it down more flat (use glue dot, double stick tape, etc).

To create the Standing Flower pot card so that the receiver can stand it up like an actual pot of flowers, create a mountain fold in the center of the base pot so that it is equal on both sides, THEN score at the 1/2 inch on EACH side of the center fold and make these scores valley folds.

PLEASE NOTE: the smaller STANDING file has had more "depth" added to the pot to allow for these extra folds to allow it to stand up. You will not get the correct dimensions if you try this with the larger file.
I hope all of this makes sense. This is one of the reasons I hadn't yet posted the file. I wanted to do detailed directions. I'm not sure these are great, but hopefully everyone will understand them!! LOL If not, leave me a note and I will try to do a better job.

I am only sharing this in the Make the Cut (.mtc) file format as that is how I created my files to begin with. The files have a couple of pages to them. One page has a variety of different "flowers" I created using basic shapes. Then I layered them to create my flowers. Since It's been a couple of weeks since I created the files, I don't recall what all is in them to tell you the truth! LOL

I have had a couple of requests from people who do not have MTC but could use the file if it was in .svg format. I'm sorry, but right now I have not created this as an .svg file. There are a variety of reasons for this. Primarily because it takes times to convert the file and test the cuts and make sure everything works like it should before sharing the file. I NEVER share a file unless I have test cut it myself to make sure that it works as it is intended. As a result, I haven't had time to convert the file to an .svg file. I may try to do that soon however so check back!

I would love to see any that you make and hear what you did with them. Thanks for stopping by.

If you have a 4shared account you can Download the Larger Flat Flowerpot Card here and/or Download the Smaller but Standing Flowerpot Card here.

If you don't have a 4shared account, I have now added these files to my Dropbox account and you can download the files from there as well.  You can Download the Larger Flat Flowerpot Card here and/or Download the Smaller but Standing Flowerpot Card here.

As always, thanks for stopping by and I would love to see what you create with either of these files!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Diaper Card

My friend Margaret asked me to create a Diaper card for her last year. I did and then shared the cut file on my old blog. I recently saw a couple of requests where people were looking for a Diaper Card so I thought I'd share it again here.

I created the base card but wanted to use it to show my friends how easy it is to add a "texture" fill to it in MTC and to basically create your own card with different "textures" or "background images". For example, since this was a "Diaper Card" that you would use for a new baby - you might want to make one for a girl or for a boy - pink or blue - or if the sex is unknown - green, yellow, purple, etc. You could find a "baby print" that you like and "cut it out" of that paper, easy peasy. However, what if I only had the paper in pink and it was for a boy. Or, I couldn't find any baby paper that I liked in my stash. You could create your own "texture" or find one online and use it to fill your image and then cut it out. If I have paper I want to use but its the wrong color, I can scan it in, change the color with a graphics program, and add that as texture to my MTC file before cutting.

The pictures show the base card I originally created and cut out in white cardstock. Then the other pictures show where I scanned in paper I had and made texture files out of them. I then used those texture files to fill the image, print it on my printer, and then cut it out (spot on I might add!) with my MTC software and my Cougar cutter. Notice how the "print" on the diapers is different!

Since I scanned in my "texture" from paper I had, I cannot share those "textures" with you. However, you can create your own very easily. If you need help, in how to do that, check out Nelda's Tutorial she shared regarding "How to Convert Lettering Delights Paper to Seamless Texture for use in MTC". Click here to go to Nelda's Tutorial on her Blog. Scanning your own paper in would work similiarly. You can also create your own textures or backgrounds using a graphics program or google for free textures. Just remember that Andy (creator of MTC recommends texture sizes of around 256x256) so not to bog down your computer and memory.

As always - thanks for stopping by. Feel free to leave a comment if any questions. Would love to see what you do with any of my files. (If I keep asking - maybe you will come back and share! LOL)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Purse Gift Card Holder

Hello. This is a file that I originally shared way back in November, 2010. It got a lot of activity back then so I thought I would share it again here.

I have also provided a pdf file showing the score lines. However, PLEASE NOTE, the score line file is NOT to scale. It couldn't be to get it on a printable 8 1/2"x11" sheet of paper. It is for visual use only. This file was created BEFORE the latest version of MTC which makes it much easier to add score lines to a file! I may at some point come back and add them to the file but haven't done so yet.

I got the idea for this file when I saw a Purse Gift Card Holder at a local large box retail store and thought "hmmmm. . . . . I could probably make that!" So I did. The "purse" opens and sort of "pops up" the gift card. The original file size needs a larger mat than 12x12 (the 12x24 mat on the Cricut). Paper size needed is 19" long for those with other cutters.

However, I thought that most people would prefer to use the 12x12 mat and 12x12 paper so with some work, I was able to create a file that cuts separate pieces that you need to glue together. There are really only 2 parts that you have to cut, but the file does have a back "overlay" piece for those anal people who don't want the "overlap" of the two pieces showing. You can overlap the two pieces either on the inside or on the outside (this looks good if you use contrasting patterned paper for the top and bottom pieces!)

There are files for Make the Cut (MTC) and .svg for those with other software and/or cutters. I created my original files in MTC and then exported them out to .svg.

Download the Large Mat (12x24) 1 Piece Make the Cut (.mtc) cut file here.

Download the Small Mat (12x12) 2 piece Make the Cut (.mtc) cut file here.

Download the Large Mat (12x24) 1 Piece .svg file here.

Download the Small Mat (12x12) 2 piece .svg file here.

Download the .pdf file showing the score lines here.

Download the .pdf file showing the glue lines for the 2 piece file here.

The handle of the purse can be made in a couple of ways. The one I saw basically used a pipe cleaner and did not put holes but just put it around the sides and folded it inside. I punched small holes and used pipe cleaners and or small wire and added some cheap beads I had just to see how that would look. Feel free to use your imagination!! I only show pics of ones with the beads. The pipe cleaners also worked well. Then you put a piece of velcro to hold the purse flap down.

Thanks for stopping by. Please show me what you make with the files. I love to see that people actually use my files! LOL Pictures of mine are just "rough mockups" of the files to make sure that they really work! Would love to show some really blinged out! Hopefully with the pics and the .pdf files you will be able to figure out how to put this together. If not, please leave me a comment with any questions. Leave your email if I need to contact you. I will not publish the email address.

2 pieces cut on 12x12 mat

2 pieces adhered together with top overlayed on outside

Where to Glue on Top Piece

Where to glue on bottom piece then adhere top and bottom together

1 Piece cut on 12x24 Mat - no gluing or joining pieces needed!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beach Babe "Print and Cut" Cards

You might have seen this post on my prior blog. If not, be sure to check it out and then check Tyler's site for a great place to order a variety of files as well as supplies for use with your cutter and software of your choice! He sells vinyl, chipboard, metal, plastic, and speciality paper to name just a few! He also provides some great cutting files from a variety of vendors.  The best part though is that he has personally tested the materials and cut files he has for sale with his cutter to make sure he is providing a solid and dependable product!  How is that for customer service?

I wanted to share two cards I made from some new "Print and Cut" files I found on the "All that Jazz" site by Tyler. They are designed as Print and Cut files for 2 page scrapbook layouts. The files are from "Scrapbook Circus" and can be found on "All that Jazz" (along with a video and a free sample file to try!) Check them all out here:

Scrapbook Cricus Print and Cut Files at All that Jazz.

Well, I'm not a scrapbooker (yet) but I do make cards on occasion so I thought I'd try the "Beach Babes" collection and see if I could take "scrapbooking" files and make cards with them! I was able to make 2 different cards and used a number of the embellishments from the files. The files are available in several formats that should work for almost anyone no matter what cutter and software you use (.mtc, .svg, and .jpeg files).

Here are the two cards I made from the files. I did have to resize them some to fit on "cards." Not too difficult to do with MTC and the new features offered in the new version 4.*. Shift and hold while clicking and dragging to resize outline and texture at the same time for example.

One Card (the blue base) is 5x7 and the other is 4x6. The "mat" on the smaller one is also from the file.

Best thing (besides the cute files) was this project forced me to sit down and actually calibrate my Cougar machine so I could do the Print and Cuts of these files! I have tried a few times but never gotten it nailed down - close but not right on (more a problem with me and my brain - not the fault of the cutter or the software - strictly a user error - My brain fogs when it sees X/Y and +/- numbers I am afraid!). I'm happy to report that with the help of Tyler and Rob (ScrappyDew) and their latest work to continue to find tools to help us use our machines and software, I was finally able to get my machine calibrated!

You can find this latest help file on Tyler's website:

Print and Cut Calibration Help at All that Jazz

I used this and then used MTC's Black Cat Plugin and the Laser option and found great success in doing these Print and Cuts so thanks Tyler and Rob! Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. If you have the ability to do Print and Cuts I would highly recommend checking out these files on Tyler's site and downloading the free "Hammock" file! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another Porky the Pig - Make the Cut and SVG files Available

Here is the second Porky the Pig file that I created last summer. I am again sharing the file in both Make the Cut (MTC) and SVG formats.  This file also has lots of bits and pieces to it and you might want to grab a copy of my picture if you need it to help you put it together if you take the svg file format. The file contains the black base of Porky, the pink pig skin, his nose (no additional base on nose on this one), his tongue and the whites of his eyes, and then the pieces to the red hat, red bowtie and his (very small) red sleeve cuff on the extended hand.

As previously noted, these were taken from free coloring pages that I found online and then converted into Make the Cut Files.  I then export the MTC files into svg files to share with those who don't yet own MTC.  I share these files here for free for your own personal use.  Please do not share or sell the files individually or in a group.

Download the Porky Pig2 Make the Cut file here.

Download the Porky Pig2 SVG file here.

Porky Pig - Make the Cut and SVG Files Available

Good morning.  Last summer when I was trying to show some friends what Make The Cut could do, I went and downloaded some free coloring pages of Porky the Pig, downloaded them to my computer, and used them to show my friends how to make them into cut files that could be used with Make the Cut.  I realized recently that I had not shared those files here on the blog. 

I have also gone ahead and converted them to svg files as well although I think it may be difficult to know what the different pieces and parts are when opening those files as opposed to the MTC files.  This file should have a black base, his pink pig skin, blue jacket, red bow tie, pink tongue, whites of eyes, and then 2 parts to his nose, a black shadow base and then the pink nose. Hopefully you will be able to tell from the pictures that I post here.  I would suggest that you might take a copy of the pictures as well if you take the svg files.  Simply right click on my picture and save to your computer.

 As always, the files that I share here are shared for free for your personal use only and are not to be sold.  Thanks for stopping by.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Download the Porky Pig1 Make the Cut file here.

Download the Porky Pig1 SVG file here.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Another "Pop-up" Card - Enhanced with Color

After I reposted my last post about the Lettering Delights Snowman Pop-up Card which I had "enhanced" with color and used the "Print and Cut" functionality of MTC and my cutters I remembered that I had done another "Pop-up" Card before Halloween that I had never gotten around to showing on my blog. (I did post it in a card challenge on the Black Cat Forum so you may have seen it there if you peruse those boards). Instead of making it a "print and cut" however, I had made it a file to "paper piece" together.
I had found this site - http://www.robertsabuda.com when I was googling around on the Internet one day. He has a bunch of free templates for making different types of pop-up cards. He provides PDF files of his images that you would then cut by hand. I used one of his templates and created my own cut file for it using MTC. I made it so I could cut the "base" image in black and then made the "pieces" to cut out in colored paper as well. I did that using the new knife feature in MTC 4.+. (Lovng the new features in MTC - makes creating files so much easier!) The front of the card is some halloween paper that I had that already had the haunted house image and I just cut it to size. Wording is a stamp I had. I used a MS spider web punch on the corners of the wording block. Drew in the face. Hope you like it and I have shown you some other ideas as to how to use MTC and its new tools to take files you already have or find and make them your own!
Unfortunately, I don't feel that I can share my MTC file since the file was simply created using Robert's PDF file. However, creating your own using Robert's PDF files and the tools in MTC is really very simple to do and I encourage you to give it a try. I would be happy to answer any questions that you had. Just leave me a comment. If you do give one of Robert's files I try, I would love to see what you create. Come back and leave me a comment with a link!

Thanks for stopping by!

New Features in Make the Cut and a New Lettering Delights Card Using them

Another more recent "repost" from my old blog!

I have actually been doing some crafting and playing with the new features that have recently been added to the Make the Cut software.

Here is a project card that I wanted to share with you. One of the newer features in the Make the Cut software (MTC) is the ability to access Lettering Delights cutting files (LD) directly from within your MTC software!  One of LD's more recent files set is called "All Season's Pop-up Cards".  Well, there is some "cute" stuff there but the pop-up cards themselves are a little plain and boring without any "color" to them (at least to me!).  Here's a picture of what the plain card looks like:

Cute little snowman with a friend and the snowflakes yes?  However, what if you could make the snowman and the bird really "pop" off the page - that would be better don't you think?  I did!  So this is what I made using several of the new features in MTC version 4.0.+!

Now, which card would you rather send out or receive in the mail?  I know I'd rather have the "color"!

So now, you probably want to know how I did that!  It's actually a lot easier then it's going to sound!  I'm not going to give a full tutorial or step by step, nor do I feel that I can share photos or screen shots of the process because the file is a purchased one from Lettering Delights.  However, if you are comfortable with MTC and some of its newer features you should be able to follow along with the "concept" as I do my best to "explain" what I did.  It would be helpful if you have some basic knowledge of MTC and its newest features in order to fully understand what I have done.

First, you would need to purchase and download one of the Lettering Delight's Popup files like this one or find another one from somewhere else (there are some out there for free as well!).  This snowman card came from LD's "All Season's Pop-up Cards" and is "Card 2" in that collection.

Once I had the base card downloaded onto my MTC mat, I created a new page in that same MTC file and copied and pasted in place the card base to the new page to work with that copy.  (Simply redownloading to that page would work also.)  I kept the first page to cut "as is" for my card base to which to adhere my "Print and Cut" file once it was completed. (Note: This card base is actually the "insert" that you would need to add to the inside of a card base you create.)  Now you are ready to "break the file" to create your "Print and Cut".

Select the card base, go to Edit-->--->Shape Magic---->Break

This will break the card into different "parts and pieces".  One of the first things I did was to select the snowflakes and snow "dots" all together, and "join" them back together as a group (edit ---> shape magic ----> join) so they are treated as "one" object, take them to their own layer, and then hide that layer so that they are out of the way.  (One reason I "join" them back together is so that when I want to work with them, move them around, etc.  I only have to click on one and it selects the entire group!)

I then took the other different "parts and pieces" of the snowman to their own layers and colored them.  I selected the snowman's eyes and mouth (again, did a "join" so they stay together as one "object") - took them to their own layer ('selection to new layer") and made their color "black" (I took them together because I was coloring both the eyes and mouth black.  If I wanted them different colors, I would have take the eyes to one layer and the mouth to its own layer).  I then selected the nose, took it to its own layer, and made it orange.  Finally, I "joined" the buttons to keep them together, took them to their own layer and colored them red.  Once I had all of these objects moved to their own layers and colored as desired, I hid those layers to keep them out of the way while I worked on the remaining parts I needed.

Next I did a little work on the bird. I will be bringing the entire (already) colored bird back in from the Lettering Delight's file a little later (No need to reinvent the wheel!) so I just need to get rid of the bird's eye and wing. There are two ways I could do that.  I selected the bird's wing and eye along with the body and "welded" (edit---->shape magic ----> weld) the bird's eye and wing to the base so that those "holes" are gone and it is one solid piece for cutting later.  I could also have deleted the wing and the eye from this part of the card but it would have and left the "holes" in the base and these would have still been cut out.  The way I did it with the welding, it is one solid piece now.

Now to complete the work, we need to do some "node editing." To do "node editing" you have to be using the newest version of MTC, version 4.0.+.  We need to use MTC's new node editing features to get the Snowman recognized as a "whole" snowman and to remove his stick arms from the body and make them into separate parts.  Right now he has "pieces" (cut lines) missing from his head and side where he is "attached" to the card base. We want to be able to cut the snowman out on his own and to color his stick arms brown.

Open the Node editing menu in MTC 4.0.+ (found on the left top corner of your MTC mat).  Click on the Bezier Curve tool, notice that you can now see the "nodes" blue dots at the end of lines (you may need to zoom in to see better). Left click on the top node on the left top side of the snowman's head, then go down to the bottom left side node and right click on the node there.  This will  add a line to the snowman and close off the left side of his head.  Repeat this on the right side of the Snowman's head.  This will make his head "whole" and ready to cut all the way around.

Now, before we do the same thing to the sides of his body, we need to cut off his stick arms and close the finger tips and end of the arms so that we can take them to their own layer and color them brown.  Using the knife slicing tool (probably a really good idea to zoom in closer here), go just above the top of the left stick arm where it joins the body, click, hold and drag it down to below where the bottom part of the stick joins the body and then release, this will cut the arm away from the body.  It is probably in two pieces, the top and bottom parts of the stick, select both pieces, move them a little way away from the body to help with the node work. (If you don't, you may end up rejoining them to the body accidentially!)  Again select the Bezier Curve tool and use it to close the "gap" or "missing line" on his middle finger tip and at the end of the stick (see instructions above on using this tool to close the sides of the head).  If done correctly, the "stick" will become whole and change color.  Now do the same to the stick arm on the right side.  Use the Knife/slicing tool to cut the stick off the body and then use the Bezier Curve tool to close the lines on the finger and at the end of the stick. You know have to "closed" stick arms!

Now use the Bezier Curve tool to close the "gaps" or add the "missing line" to the left and right sides of the snowman's body the same way you did the head and the stick arms.  Take the snowman's body to it's own layer and color it "white".  Move the stick arms back into place next to the snowman's body, take them to their own layer and color them brown. You will also then need to "copy" and then "paste in place" the snowman's arms onto the same layer with the snowman's body and then "weld" them to the body so that you have the correct shape to "cut" once you have him printed.  Welding should make them one piece with the body and make sure it is all still white.

At this point you can open and close layers as needed and use the node editing tools as desired to modify, correct lines as needed (making sure finger tip or head is more "curved" for example).

At this point, it's a good idea to make sure that all the different "layers" or "parts and pieces" are in the correct order for the best print and cut and make sure that they are not closed or hidden if needed for the print and cut..  (For example, the eyes, nose, mouth, and button layers should all be "above" the snowman's body layer so that they are "on top" and showing properly when printing.)

Once that is all done, you can then go back to the Lettering Delight's Files and download the "bird" from the "All Season's Pop-up Cards" collection.  Put it on its own layer, place it and size it correctly so that it is sitting on top of the snowman's head as needed.  You are now ready to do your printing. (If  you are just printing, the different parts and pieces of the bird do not have to be on their own layers since they are already colored differently and stay that way when you bring them in from LD's file.)

Couple of notes regarding printing.  First, you need to make sure that you only have the layers showing that you want included in the printing (in this instance, the bird and the snowman along with his eyes, nose, mouth, buttons and arms). Be sure you have closed any other layers not needed for printing.  Second, you need to decide if you just want the "fill" only or the "fill and outline" to show when you print and make any changes needed there.  On mine, both were showing so I have the lines around his nose, etc.  You can also use the "print preview" to see what is going to print.  Since the snowman himself is "white" with no outline showing, you won't see his body since "white" does not show on print preview.  (If you feel the need to verify that he's really there you can change his body to another color besides white before doing the preview - just remember to change it back to white if you want a white snowman!)

To print a file for a "Print and Cut" - first make sure that you have checked your printing options needed from within the MTC software.  Go to File ---->print options and select or deselect options as needed.  For example you will need to make sure that "print registration marks are checked" but the "use silhouette sd" is marked only if you are using that cutter.  Decide on printer outlines or not, etc.  Once done, click ok and print.

Once you have your printed page, follow the proper method needed to do a "print and cut" for your cutter of choice.  I have both a Silhouette SD and an 18" Cougar machine so how I do a print and cut with each of those machines varies.  (Note: If you have never done a 'print and cut" with your cutter before, you may need to first calibrate your machine before doing a "print and cut" to ensure your cutting is aligned properly with your image.)

One important step to remember at this point is to CLOSE any and all LAYERS that you DO NOT WANT TO CUT!  For example, we only want to cut the "outline" of the snowman with the bird on his head so that is the only layer we would have showing.  We would close the colored bird, along with the snowman's eyes, nose, mouth, buttons, and arms along with the card base. (If we forget to close those layers, they will "cut" and you will not have an orange nose, red buttons, etc!)

Once you have your "print and cut" printed and cut out, you are ready to adhere it to your inside "pop-up base".  Cut out the original "card base" from the Lettering Delights file.  Adhere your "print and cut" to the Snowman and then apply the entire base to a base card being careful not to adhere the parts of the snowman that "pop-up".  (Note:  I always remove or hide the layer with the scored/fold lines because I don't like the little "slits" it puts in the card.  This is a personal preference.)

Now you have a cute "colored" pop-up to send out to your family and friends!

Couple of other quick notes, if you want to vary the card size, you need to put the card base on the same page on its own layer - have ALL layers showing, "select all" and resize so that you resize all together and in proportion!You can also now use this file to "paper piece" the snowman if desired as well.  You would just cut out the different parts and pieces as needed.  This would be great or adding a little "dimension" to a project.  You could also use the "print and cut" as a stand alone object (like on the front of the card) and can resize him as needed, etc.  Use your imagination and have fun!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope my basic "instructions" are helpful to you in making other simple files have a little more "pop".  Please feel free to leave a message should you have any questions or comments.  I tried to make sure I covered all the steps but I may have missed something or not explained it well enough!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Peeking Bunny .svg File to Share

This is also an old post from my old blog.  People will soon start working on those Easter items so I thought I would share this bunny file again here. I originally found this bunny at art4crafts.com and created an .svg file. There are several "objects" to cut. The base, the pink ears and nose, the white head and paws, and the black eyes. I did not actually use the "cut" eyes but I drew those in with a marker. I just did some quick facial features and marker on the sides for dimension so I could post it for you all to see one put together. You can download the peeking bunny .svg file here. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tower Box .svg File to Share

Here is a "tower" box that I created and shared previously on my old blog.  It does not have score marks in it at present but I think where to score is obvious. If not, let me know and I will try to post directions or photos. Download the .svg file for the tower box here. I may try to import this into MTC and add the score marks.  This is so easy to do with the latest and greatest version of MTC. If I do, I will post it here to share!  Thanks for stopping by!