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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Volleyball or Sports Photo Frame Overlay

Another older post from my old blog but something I thought was worth sharing again here.

Sorry, but there is no actual cut file to share with you today as it is something that I created that was very "specific" to a small group of girls. However, I wanted to show you what you can do for those special people in your lives when you have an electronic die cut machine with an awesome program like Make The Cut.

My children both play sports.  my DD's high school varsity volleyball team won our Regional Championship and qualified to go to the State Tournament in their division back in 2010 . (This was the 2nd year in a row, but she wasn't on the team last year as she is a Freshman this year.)  For Christmas that year, I made her a framed photo of the group with the Regional Championship Plaque.   I created this mat or overlay to frame the photo with.  It cuts as one piece with the wording and the spartan heads all cut out of the Mat. My DD loved it.

I got the idea from Julie and her awesome tutorials that she creates and shares for free on the MTC_Tuts Yahoo group.  If you have MTC and don't belong to Julie's MTC_Tuts Yahoo group I would highly recommend joining.  If you don't have MTC yet but are thinking about getting it, I would also highly recommend Julie's Yahoo group as well.  It is a moderated group and Julie does a great job of keeping people on task and shares a wealth of knowledge and information in the large quantity of FREE tutorials that she shares with the group.  In addition, lots of people regularly share their knowledge and experience in using this great program.  If you buy MTC through Julie's link she will also send you some free files. (You don't have to have purchased MTC through Julie to join the group however and other people also share free files if you purchase through them. No matter who or where you purchase MTC from - it should always be the same price). The group just recently added its 3,000+ member and Julie shared some Irish cut files. It is a great place for newbies and not so newbies to keep expanding their knowledge of the program.  Julie has a ton of tutorials for beginners to advanced users and that list is growing regularly.  There is a lot of email that passes through the group so I have it on digest so that I get just a few emails a day with a compilation of messages that have passed through the group. You can also set it to receive no emails and just go to the yahoo group to view the messages and tutorials.

You can find Julie's MTC_Tuts Yahoo group here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MTC_Tuts/

(She will have to approve you for membership but that shouldn't take long).

If you are a member, or once you join, you can find the tutorial on how to create a Sports Frame Overlay like this one here in the Intermediate Lessons Folder and it is entitled: III.12_SportsFrameOverlay.

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  1. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Cutting category today [17 Mar 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  2. could you please tell me how to convert svg file to .cut files. I have no idea how to do it and I love some ofyou svg file but only have a ds. thanks fish339@aol.com

  3. Hi rose2702. Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry, but it is not possible to simply convert an .svg file to a DS .cut file. Design Studio is a proprietary software that PC created to work only with their images from their cartridges. You might check to see if there are any cartridges that have images similar to those you like. However, I found that often there were things I wanted to do that PCs cartridge images were unavailable for. That is what led me to seek 3rd party software that let me create my own images. These software programs will use the .svg file format. However, you can no longer obtain 3rd party software like MTC or SCAL for use with Cricut machines because PC sued them to stop them. PC wants you wed to their cartridges and software only. As a result, I still have my cricut and cartridges, but I also have obtained a Black Cat Cougar machine to use with my 3rd party software. There are a large variety of cutters available now for use with these programs. If you wish to use svg files (or .mtc or .scut) with these programs you will need to obtain a different cutter. You can find out about these cutters by visiting the 3rd party softwares individual sites to see which ones work with their machines. I can tell you that the Black Cat line does work with both MTC and SCAL. Hope that helps. Good luck. Please let me know if I can help further.

  4. I wanted to add that other cutters that work with MTC and SCAL are available in a variety of sizes and price ranges. Some not much more than, if any, the Cricut line of products.