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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Using Heat Set Vinyl to Create Sports Attire

Large Logo on Sweatshirt

Small Logo on Sailor Shirt
One of the things I like to do is to use my cutters to cut Heat Set Vinyl to create my own custom "team wear" for myself to wear to my children's sporting activities.  I also create things for their team's like practice shirts. (Well, more for my DD's teams, DS is 15 and doesn't want mom doing such things for him or his team! LOL)

These show some samples of some different things I have done in the past and some more recently.

These first two sets of shirts are shirts that I made just in the past couple of weeks for my daughter's club volleyball team.  They are shirts for them to wear at practices.

The Play Hard is on the front of one shirt and the Finish Strong with the club logo is on the back.  The Dream, Believe, Achieve Shirt has the club logo on the left side front of shirt with the Dream, Believe, Achieve on the back in large double layered vinyl.  Both of these shirts are ones I just made last week for DD's club VB team for practice shirts.

 These next two shirts are ones that I made for myself to wear to my daughter's high school volleyball matches.  My children's high school's mascot is the Spartans with the same logo and colors of Michigan State, green and white. (Good thing I'm not a Michigan Fan!)

The black shirt has a double layer of white and green vinyl for the lettering.  The volleyball is just the white pieces leaving the black shirt to create the lines.  It then has a green Spartan overlaid on top of the volleyball.

The gray shirt has the black volleyball lines, the volleyball split down the middle with green "Spartans" added to it.

 These next two shirts I created to wear to my DS's HS football games this past Fall.  The football outline is shadowed in green vinyl with the white overlaid as is the Spartan head and the football word at its base.

The other shirt, "Are You Ready for Some "Spartan" Football" has a white base with the wording overlaid in Green.

 These last two shirts are ones that I made last Fall for DD's High School Volleyball team for practice shirts.  The Fear the Spartans in done in Green on the Front of a white T-shirt in very large letters.  The Volleyball with the overlaid Spartan is on the back of the t-shirt also very large!  The girls really liked the shirts.

 This final shirt is one that I made last fall to wear on nights when our high school's volleyball team and football team were playing on the same night!  Everybody really liked this shirt and always wanted to know where I had gotten it.  They are shocked and amazed whenever I tell them I made it myself!

Thanks for stopping by.  I will try to add the cut files for some of these projects to my blog soon. I have to make sure that they are cleaned up and ready to post and then uploaded to my 4shared account.  In the meantime, I will share my "volleyball mom" cut file here with you. I have put this on some t-shirts and a backpack in the past.

This is what the "MOM" with Volleyball for the O looks like from a screen shot. You would need to add the number of your player where my DD's number 14 is shown here. (It is not in the svg file, it is in the MTC for visual aid only on another layer).

As always, thanks for stopping by.  Please leave me a comment if you have any questions or just want to say thanks for sharing!  : ) (Sorry for the quality of the photos.  I grabbed them off of a post I had done on the MTC message board since they are on a different computer then I am on right now!)

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