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Friday, February 17, 2012

Can You Say Circus?!? Circus Elephant on Ball - MTC or .svg File

Hello.  Welcome to the Circus!  The Circus is coming back to our area soon and that made me think of this file and I wanted to reshare it here with all of you. This too is an old file from my old blog. The file was originally created to use with our annual carnival fund raiser at my children's school a year or two ago.  This is from a coloring page we found simply by doing a google search for free circus coloring pages.  I then used my Make the Cut software to pull it in and create a cut file for use with my cutter.  I have then used my MTC software to export it out as an .svg file for use by those who may use other software and/or cutters.  (I took that .svg file and broke it apart in Inkscape and that is the file I am sharing here). We used these to create large cutouts that were placed throughout the school yard area.  (I will see if I can find a pic of it to share!)

Isn't he cute?!  If you would like my MTC file you can download it here.
If you would like the .svg file, you can download it here.

To find out more about Make the Cut go to their website here: http://www.make-the-cut.com/

Note:  I am not affiliated with MTC and I do not get any money for others purchasing it.  I am just a happy user who knows what all you can do with it and that even more is coming very soon.  Andy, the developer, continues to improve this software and all updates are always free.  The best part though is that it works with so many different cutters out there (except for cricuts now).  I use it with 3 different cutter brands, my favorite my black cat cougar!

These pictures show you what we did with him.  We created large cutouts using plywood to decorate our carnival with Circus animals and performers.  To do this, I cut out the shapes with my cutter as large as I could (at that time I didn't have my Cougar so I used a 12x12 mat).  We then took those shapes and used an overhead projector to trace the images much larger onto plywood.  (These were at least 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall as I recall!) We then used a saw to cut them out, we painted them and volia - great circus images decorating our school for our week long Greatest Webbfest on Earth celebration!  The stars on the balls were cut using vinyl with my cutter.  We also created Clowns, Lions, a Lion Tamer, Dancing Bears, a Circus train, a Circus Tent, a canon, popcorn boxes, ticket booth, large tickets, and more!  Everybody loved them!  (Sorry, I don't have any of those files to share!) Thanks for stopping by.  Please feel free to leave a comment with any questions and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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  1. No one left any comments?? These are Fantasic!! In fact, all your files are! I love Elephants & Giraffes. Thank you so much!!