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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Have a "Sweet" Birthday "Print and Cut" Image

A couple of weeks ago, someone on the MTC forum had asked how to take a "digital" image of a cupcake with some text and stars encircling it and "change" the color of the text in a word processing program or some other program. The problem was the file was a png file and it was not "editable" in that format. I had suggested that the user could use "pixel trace" in MTC to pull the image in, break it apart and make it "editable" so she could change colors, etc.  I then proceed to do that in MTC to show her.  Well, it took a little time and effort to do it (more than I originally thought it would).  So, then I decided to see if I could create my own similar file directly in MTC and see if it would take less time then trying to pixel trace and edit the other one.  To do the circles of stars and the text in a circle, you use the "wrap object to path" tool in Make the Cut.  (I wrapped to a circle sized as needed.  Once that is done, you can delete the circle as it is not needed). Time wise, this one may have taken a little less time on the whole but probably not a lot.

However, since this one is a file I created on my own, I figured I would share it here for anyone who might like to make use of it. My vision was that it would be used as a "print and cut" or like a digital stamp image that you printed out as opposed to a "paper piecing." Each part of the image is on its own layer and can thus have its "color" changed easily.  Don't want yellow stars, make them purple. Want one row of stars one color and the second row another, you can do that as the two rows of stars are on separate layers.  Want the text to be orange, easy to do.  Prefer yellow icing on your cupcake, go ahead after all, its your card and your image - give it your own personal touch! The bottom image shows how easily I changed colors in the file.

I'm sharing both a MTC file as well as an SVG file for you to download.  These are shared via my public folder in my dropbox account. As always, I would love to see anything that you might create with this file.  It would make a great image to use in the middle of the "swinging Z" cards that I created and shared previously here on my blog.

You can download the Sweet Birthday Cucpake MTC file here.

You can download the Sweet Birthday Cucpake SVG file here.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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