Welcome to my New Blog. This blog is for sharing my crafting ideas and my cutting files that I create primarily using the Make the Cut Software and my electronic cutters which include my 18" Black Cat Cougar, a Silhouette SD, and an original Expression.

All files and information shared here is for your personal use only. Please contact me if you wish to use any items commercially, for blog contests, or to submit for magazine publication. Thank you.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Golden Retriever Image

As I noted, we got a new dog back the day after Thanksgiving last year.  We hadn't had a dog in years. We hadn't had a dog since my kids were very little and the dog I had from before the children passed away.  So for lots of reasons, we had been "dog less" for many years now.  They finally convinced me to get a dog.  I decided if I was getting a dog it would be a Golden Retriever.  Her name is Cali.  She is now about 6 months old. She is a great dog. Everyone who meets her immediately falls in love with her.  So I went in search of Golden Retriever images a while back and found this one and turned it into a cut file.  Since it is not my original image, please use for personal use only.  Would look great cut out of vinyl for various gifts. Thanks for stopping by.

Download the Golden Retriever Head MTC file here.

Download the Golden Retriever Head SVG file here.

Note: These are uploaded to my dropbox account so should be easy to download.  I tested the links and they should be working.  Let me know if they aren't. You should be able to save by doing a right click and then a "save" or "save as".

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil Monkeys

Wow, been months since I posted anything here on the blog.  I have been doing some crafting, but not lots.  We got a new puppy right after Thanksgiving, then it was Christmas with all the family in (well all of my husband's family!) Then first one thing and then another I guess.  I know I have files that I need to share and projects to show but I just haven't taken time to do the photos and the write-ups and get it all posted here.  I need to see what I have that I can share.  These cute little monkey's were free clipart I found.  I turned them into a cutting file with my MTC software.  I then used heat transfer vinyl (HTV) to turn them into a sweatshirt.  I thought they were too cute not to share.  For personal use only please since the image was not originally created by me. (Right click and do a "save" or "save as" or "save target as").  The files are in my public dropbox account so no password or special work needed to download.  I tested the links and they should work properly.  Let me know if you have a problem.  Thanks for stopping by!

Download the See No Evil Monkey MTC file here or Download the See No Evil Monkey SVG file.
NOTE: the MTC file was saved in the latest version of MTC 4.5 which was just released today.  If you cannot open the MTC File with your version of MTC, please download the SVG version and import it into your MTC.  The SVG file can also be used with any other program that will import SVG files correctly.)